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Horse Experience 

Experience horses up close and personal! We have 4 beautiful well bred & well trained registered AQHA quarter horses. They are friendly, loving, enjoy people, love being pet & groomed! We have a buckskin gelding named Cash, a dun mare named Call, a palomino mare named Louis & a palomino mare named Charlie. Come experience their positive and calming energy with horse to human contact. You will be learning the basics about horses, grooming them & taking photos with them! (We are not offering riding at this time.)

girl petting horses
lady feeding horses
horse grooming tools
woman petting horse laying down
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little girls with horses
lady petting horses
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Meet your host, Messina

Thave a LOVE for all animals but horses hold a special place in my heart! I grew up on a ranch around horses & all farm animals. As an adult, I have acquired my own ranch/farm and am continuing to grow it from the ground up! have learned so much about horses over the years and continue to learn everyday! Horses have taught me so many things, patience, perseverance & tenderness just to name a few. Ilove to share with others what horses have taught me! Not to mention how majestic they are! Safety is my first priority, the experience, fun, photos & everything else follows! ​

messina with horse
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